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i hate you all

2008-09-04 23:15:53 by Deadmouse

ive been gone for all this time and no fan mail?

i hate you all


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2008-09-04 23:16:37

i hate you if ya don't comment on mah page


2008-09-05 00:23:46

lol we've been busy you know.... mite i reenforce i don't remember you lol but nice run cycle.. how bout slowing it down a bit and smoothing out the glitch at the end =) supose this is classed as some sort of fan mail =)


2008-09-05 00:51:58

i <3 u


2008-09-13 03:52:50

you used the quake guy from the original quake to do that animated gif


I used to make skins for quake models and use them for stuff a long time ago